Card partners

Card accepting partners only include service providers who have entered into a card acceptance agreement with IZYS Health and Self-help Fund and accept the IZYS card as a means of payment

Among the service providers offering discounts, you will find service providers who have concluded a service contract with the IZYS Health and Self-help Fund, but do not necessarily accept the IZYS card. Though, they do still provide a discount to the members of the Fund for their products and services.

The IZYS card is marked with a Bercode barcode so our members can purchase products from 1,200 different places all over the country at a discounted price. These stores do not accept the card as a means of payment, however. The following stores offer the Bercode discount:  
Bercode discount-offering company list (you can see the English version by changing the language at the bottom of the page)

If you have any problems regarding the acceptance of the card don’t hesitate to contact our customer service on the 1/769-0061 phone number or regarding any technical issues, feel free to turn to the card center on the 1/238-0361 phone number. 

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