Fund allocation ratios


The payments

  • 94,1 % on an individual invoice 
  • 0,1 % on a solidarity basis 
  • 5,7 % on an operational basis 
  • 0,1 % on a liquidity basis 

will be credit. 

További költségek:

Card fee 6.000 Ft
Replacement card fee 2.000 Ft
Companion card fee 1.500 Ft (optional to redeem)
Exit fee 4.000 Ft


The card and companion card are valid for two years and have no further transaction costs. 

At IZYS, you have an opportunity to order a companion card making it convenient for your family members to purchase from our card-accepting partners as well.    

The card, apart from making shopping convenient, also allows discounts for certain services.

The exit fee is only deducted if the account is not terminated with zero balance.