Tax credit 

Amount available for reclaim from personal income tax after payments 20%
Amount available for reclaim from personal income tax after two-year deposit 
Interest tax, interest rate, transaction fee rate  0%


Since 2017, there can be a maximum of HUF 150,000 / year per fund member, ie instead of the previous HUF 500,000 deposit, You are able to make targeted deposits up to HUF 750,000 / year.



Fees related to Fund billings 

Account opening or entry fee  free of charge
Account management  free of charge
Online fund platform / online account information 

Our members are exempted from the fee by sending an


free of charge

or one time HUF 5,000

Account statement  Once a year free of charge
Out of the ordinary account statement at the customer’s request  HUF 800
Account termination  HUF 4.000*

     *the fee is not charged if, at the time of termination, the account has a zero HUF balance 


Fees related to cash flow 

Amount credited to an individual account from an individual payment or employer contribution  94,1%
Amount available from support from a targeted fund service  94,1%*
Transfer to a bank account  free of charge
Cash withdrawal/Postal voucher payment** free of charge

     *The amount credited to the individual account from the grant may vary from company to company.
    *Payments to a postal address under HUF 25,000 are not made by the Fund.


Card-related fees 

Fee of first card – for two years  HUF 6,000
Card fee after two years or replacement card fee – for two years HUF 2,000
Companion card fee – for two years (optional, only on special request) HUF 1,500
Payment with the use of a card  free of charge
Use of partner discounts by presenting the card (2-25%) free of charge


Rules and consequences of non-payment of membership fees 

The minimum monthly membership fee of the Fund is HUF 5,000.

Membership fee = Deposit, ie HUF 4,705 of the HUF 5,000 per month will be credited to your individual account.

Non-payment of the membership fee is calculated by the Fund based on the payments made in the last 12 months. If in the last 12 months the paid amount is less than 60% of the minimum membership fee, ie HUF 36,000 and no payment has been made to the fund account in the last three months exceeding HUF 3,000 per month, the membership fee is considered non-payable and the Fund is entitled to credit a maximum of HUF 290 per month to the operating reserve.

If in the last 12 months the amount of payments does not reach 40% of the minimum membership fee, ie HUF 24,000 and in the last six months no more than HUF 3,000 per month has been paid to the fund account, then the Fund is entitled to terminate accounts with a balance of less than HUF 4,001.