CSED/GYED/GYES addition service fee alterations

Change in the amounts of payments made to more than one fund member under the same benefit

If several fund members request the service on the basis of the same benefit, the amount paid by the Fund may not exceed the difference in the case of CSED or GYED, and the amount of the benefit in the case of GYES.

What does this mean in reality?

For example, if three fund members require a service to supplement the CSED benefits of the same person and based on the submitted documents, the lost income (ie the amount payable for the service) is HUF 150,000 per month, then a maximum of HUF 150,000 per month can be paid to the three fund members.

Another example would if two fund members were based on the same GYES benefit and requested additional GYES services and based on the submitted documents, the amount of GYES (ie the amount that can be paid for the service) is HUF 28,500, then HUF 28,500 will be paid together to the two fund members.