dm country-wide store network – new card partner

We have fantastic news! From December 9, 2019, the IZYS card is accepted in dm shops. 

In all the country’s dm shops, all IZYS members can purchase products comfortably, cash-free and without needing an invoice.

There are many products in the dm product range that can be accounted for at the IZYS Health and Self-Help Fund, but so far it has only been possible to submit a cash payment invoice afterward. From now on, as well as accepting the IZYS cash card, dm helps its customers to differentiate which products are eligible. In dm’s stores, if the letters EP are placed next to the price, it indicates that the product can also be purchased from the Fund’s account.

What products can be purchased in dm? 

  1. Infant and toddler care products 
    • diapers
    • formula
    • pacifier, baby bottle 
    • baby cream, shampoo, body wash 
    • wet wipes 
  2. gluten-free food products 
    • bread
    • flour
    • cereal
  3. other products
    • paramedics (Béres, Supradyn)
    • bandaids 
    • tampons, pads 
    • prophylactic 
    • intimate wash products 
    • liquid soap
    • denture adhesive 
    • Naturland creams 
    • suntan lotion 
    • Parodontax toothpaste 
    • Herbal tea from Pannonhalma 

The complete product list is downloadable by clicking on the dm logo:

And let’s not forget that you can buy with the IZYS card even without a pre-loaded balance, if you activate the NOW card function. The essence of the NOW card function is that at the moment of making a purchase with the IZYS card, you top up the balance necessary to pay for the purchase to the fund card from your bank card. More information about the NOW card function can be found here.

Each time you make a purchase, you must indicate in advance at the checkout that the payment will be made with a health fund card.

The member’s details (name and address) are recorded on the first purchase, this is no longer necessary the other times.

If you have any further questions, please call our enthusiastic customer service on +36 1 769 0061