Gluten free food products


Eligible products:

At our Fund, the gluten-free products registered by OÉTI (National Institute of Food and Nutrition Science) are all eligible. An invoice must be requested for the products purchased in accordance with the applicable accounting law, though the invoice may include other items which are not eligible products. The invoice must be issued with the fund member’s name and address and fund member ID. We accept an invoice from any store in Hungary, or you may also pay with your IZYS card at any of our card-accepting partners.  An important requirement for invoices is that the product purchased must be clearly identifiable from the invoice. No medical recommendation is required for the invoices.  

  • List of eligible products



  • Based on the presented invoice(s)


Who may acquire this service:

The fund member and their beneficiaries 


Documents required when requesting this service:

  • Invoice(s)


Waiting time:

There is no waiting time. The paid balance can be used immediately.


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