Here is the help from Őrangyal against COVID-19!

The directory of the IZYS Health and Self-help Fund has decided to rush to the aid of Őrangyal (guardian angel) members and extend the Őrangyal community services to pneumonia caused by COVID-19 and SARS-COV-2 (hereinafter: coronavirus) and also provide an opportunity to extend the Őrangyal service for beneficiaries under the age of 16. 

The coronavirus should be taken very seriously. It is extremely dangerous and a complication of pneumonia could be fatal. Thus, the fund includes it amongst its services for 40 types of critical illnesses.

Of course, we cannot holt the spreading of the virus with this, but the Őrangyal members suffering from pneumonia due to the coronavirus, just like in the case of the other 40 illnesses on the list, can acquire private health care services up to a maximum of HUF 100,000,000 for two years, counted from the day of application, in the following cases.  

Services you can acquire

  • Health and health monitoring services in connection with the rehabilitation and treatment of health damage resulting from the disease, 
  • Health services used for the prevention and early detection of further illnesses associated with the disease and for the improvement of the condition caused by the illness, 
  • Improving the health of a member of the Fund or an Őrangyal beneficiary through pain easing medical treatments, 
  • health services to improve the health of a Fund member or an Őrangyal beneficiary

The health services defined in the previous list cover the following main areas of health care: 
   a) inpatient and outpatient care
   b) dental care
   c) physiotherapy 
   d) tissue and cell banking 
   e) psychological care 
   f) dietetics
   g) inpatient care or special rehabilitation necessary for health care, placement in an institution  
   h) long-term care 
   i) other non-conventional treatments by a doctor:  
         i. homeopathy
         ii. Traditional Chinese Medicine 
         iii. manual therapy
         iv. Indian, Ayurvedic medical services 
         v. detoxification methods 
         vi. Tibetian healing procedures 
         vii. psychological procedures 
         viii. neural therapy 
         ix. lifestyle education and counseling 

Waiting time for new entrants 

Due to the epidemiological situation, the waiting time for new entrants for this service has been shortened. From the 5th day after joining the Őrangyal service and charging the first fee will you be protected from diagnosed COVID-19 or SARS-COVID-2  resulting pneumonia. Our current Őrangyal members do not have a waiting time.  

The medical history is excluded for the service – that is if the coronavirus is diagnosed before day 5.  

Requesting the service 

This Fund service is available regardless of age and is a uniform amount across all ages. 

Our members who are not registered for the Őrangyal service can register by completing the Őrangyal registration form. 

The protection can be extended to our loved ones. For children under the age of 16, the Őrangyal beneficiary form should be completed.

A relative over the age of 16 can join the Őrangyal service through their own membership. 

Those who are not yet members at the Fund can also open their account online, where they can mark the request for the Őrangyal service. (the previous form is required for the extension to a beneficiary when requesting the service) 

Due to the epidemiological situation, the entry form does not have to be sent in through post until the membership is activated; it is enough to send it to the fund later on. 

What do you do in case of coronavirus infection? Request health care: 

Request for the service must be announced in advance directly on the IZYS Doctor line: 


The date for the health services will be set by the care provider, however, if the fund member does not accept the offered health care provider and date, they may have the service performed at another provider – subject to review by the health care provider. 

The care provider is in touch with more than 400 health care providers nationwide. 


Őrangyal services and further information 

The additional services available under the Őrangyal community service are significantly broader than the coronavirus so it is worth finding out what else you will be entitled to: further information. 

This is information is not complete, if you have any further questions don’t hesitate to get in contact with your financial advisor or you can always turn to us at the +36 1 769 0061 phone number or through email: [email protected] 

What can you do?

Let’s continue to feel responsible for each other. Don’t go into large crowds and be disciplined during quarantine. Follow the rules to decrease the spread of the disease: