Income supplemets for large families



Up to the amount of GYE, in 2018: HUF 28,500/month 

Who may acquire the service:

The fund member or their beneficiary

Documents required when requesting the service :

  • Service request form – GYET/GYES supplement, 
  • proof of payment from the paying agency or employer for the person claiming the benefits above and 
  • a bank statement certifying the benefit received and the date of issue, which may not be older than 120 days from the date of the application by the Fund.  


Waiting time:

The individual or employer membership fee credited to the individual account must bear interest for 180 days before this service can be paid for.

The subsidy received from the employer, for the targeted service, as well as tax credit and return after payments, can be allocated immediately after payments. 



The service will be paid for the first 24 months, counted from the date of application, but if it can be established up to and including the month of entitlement, the money will be allocated monthly.