Infant and toddler care products


The range of eligable products/services without request for full service: 

Products purchasable for the mother to be 

  • Breastfeeding teas
  • Abdominal bandage 
  • Nipple highlighter
  • Nipple protector
  • Breast pump (manual, electric)
  • Bra insert
  • Milk collecting jar, bag
  • Pregnancy cream
  • Pregnancy test

Baby care cosmetic products 

  • Baby cream 
  • Baby oil 
  • Baby shampoo 
  • Baby bath 
  • Talcum powder
  • Body lotion
  • Suntan lotion
  • Sunscreen
  • Wet wipe

Conditions for accounting for cosmetic products: the invoice must clearly indicate the name of the product, which must include the word “baby” and must be specifically for baby care (e.g. Nivea Baby shampoo, Naturland baby oil, Johnson’s baby oil , Oriflame baby talcum powder, Pampers wet wipes, Aloe Vera baby bath cream)

Other products purchasable for infants 

  • Formula, infant formulas 
  • Baby monitor
  • Baby length guage 
  • Baby scale, tray for baby scales 
  • Pacifier for glass (latex, silicone, orthodontic) 
  • Pacifier sterilizer
  • Baby bottle
  • Baby bottle holder
  • Pacifier holder
  • Pacifier medication dispenser 
  • Custom magistral pharmacy preparations 
  • Safety ear swab 
  • “play-time” pacifier (latex, silicone, with braces) 
  • Navel patch 
  • Enema syringe bulb 
  • Thermometer (traditional, digital, ear thermometer etc.)
  • Humidifier  (if certified as a medical device)
  • Respiratory failiure monitor (cradle death prevention device)
  • Diapers (non reuasable and reusable) 
  • Vaccinations
  • Nasal aspirator, nasal cleanser (manual, battery-operated, vacuum-cleaner)
  • Oto-therm medical cap and medical cap insert 
  • Chew toy (tooth growing aid)
  • Special infant teas 
  • Sterilizer
  • Trousers with stretch pads 



Based on invoices 


Who can acquire the service:

The fund member and their beneficiary


Documents required for hand in upon service request:

  • invoices


Waiting time:

There is no waiting time. The paid amount is immediately available to the member for the purchase of products. 


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