IZYS NOW fund card

We have launched our new service to further simplify the lives of our members! 


The essence of the IZYS NOW card is that if you purchase an item or service with your fund card, the balance will immediately be topped up from your bank account. Thanks to the automatic top-up, you can pay with your fund card even if you do not have a single HUF balance on your fund account.  

In fact, one of the greatest benefits of the NOW fund card is that you don’t spend the amount on your fund account, therefore you do not have to worry about not having a 180-day balance when you need it. 


Why do we call it a NOW card? 

Because if you are purchasing something now, then you want to upload the balance now! 🙂


How does the IZYS NOW fund card work when you use it at a point of sale:  

How does it work from your aspect?

If you have a NOW card you no longer have to worry about anything else just shopping with your IZYS card at points of sale and you will automatically be entitled to a 20% tax credit return if you have a personal income tax refund and the purchased amount is available in your bank account, + 5.9% fund cost. 


How much does the NOW card cost? 

the Now card does not have any extra fee. If you have a fund card you can easily turn your regular fund card into a NOW card in just 4 simple steps. 


What fund card or cash burdens does the NOW card lift off your shoulders: 

  • You don’t have to monitor your fund account balance to see if you have enough coverage to make a purchase 
  • You will always be charged the amount you spend
  • You don’t have to ask for an invoice 
  • You do not have to check your bank account to see whether the Fund has already transferred the value of your submitted invoices 
  • If you regularly save for a specific goal you won’t spend your previously qualified savings on card purchases
  • You won’t spend your 180-day balance, so it will be at your disposal when you need it (e.g. for home loan repayment, for purchasing childrens’ clothing, for university tuitions, for elderly care) 


Save money and time! Why would you tire yourself? 

  • You don’t have to request invoices and worry about your savings
  • You don’t have to wait in line at the post office to send the invoices from your own money 
  • You don’t have to waste your time with transfers and save up for the transfer fee
  • You don’t have to wait and see when the Fund transfers to you 


You can activate your NOW card with 4 quick clicks: 


If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service on this phone number: +36 1 769 0061  or through email: [email protected]