Medicinal and paramedicinal products


Eligible products:

Products that can be purchased anywhere (ie not only in a pharmacy, but any other retail unit): 

  • Medicines,
  • Medicinal waters, medicinal clay,
  • Medicinal products that do not qualify as OGYI (National Institute of Pharmacy) liscensed drugs 
  • Bandages, disinfectants,
  • Medical aids 

The list of medicinal products liscensed by OGYI can be found at Országos Gyógyszerészeti Intézet website.

Products that can only be purchased in pharmacies: 

  • Original – FoNo – magistral preparations
  • Vaccines
  • Prophylactics

The cost of home delivery for the above products can also be accounted for through the self-help fund. 

Not eligible:

  • Products with only an OÉTI license number, with the exception of infant formulas, cannot be accounted for 
  • Cosmetic preparations (e.g. deodorant, depilatory, shaving preparations, shampoos, bath preparations, soap, cologne, sunscreen, etc.)
  • Veterinary preparations
  • Insecticides and rodenticides
  • Food (baby food, effervescent tablets, etc.) 
  • Books, printed publications Consumables,
  • Food and dietary supplements
  • Mineral waters



Based on the presented invoices. 


Who may acquire the service:

The fund member and their beneficiaries

Documents required when requesting this service:

  • invoice(s)


Waiting time:

There is no waiting time.


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