Personalized health plan

Using the results of health assessment tests performed with our contracted service providers, a personal health plan is prepared. The health plan is aimed at assessing the health status of the fund member, on the basis of which the doctor conducting the examination makes a lifestyle-related suggestion. The health plan is valid for 2 years. 

The personalised health plan is prepared by the specialist of the health care provider who performs the condition assessment as they contracted for this purpose. The mandatory content elements of the health plan: 

  1. a summary of the results of the questionnaire pre-screening assessing the patient’s condition and complaints, 
  2. results of standard screening;
  3. the results of any other condition assessments tests recommended by the medical examiner, based on the results of the tests in points a. and b.;
  4. a joint evalutation of the tests performed in points a.-c.;
  5. a proposal for further examinations and inspections and possible care prepared on the basis of point d.;
  6. a life management proposal based on point d. which may include: 
    1. the dietary recommendations;
    2. the possibly recommended sporting activities;
    3. the possibly recommended medical services;
    4. the possibly recommended cure-like care of addiction.

Based on the personal health plan, the following are considered prevention services :

  • Physiotherapy and relating treatments, therapeutic massages
  • Treatments for cessation of addictive disorders
  • Medical screening tests for the early detection of avoidable diseases including screening by a licensed specialist not funded by the health insurance body, including:  
    • cervical cancer screening;
    • breast cancer screening;
    • colon cancer screening;
    • prostate cancer screening;
    • locomotor screening;
    • AIDS screening;
    • screening for early detection of mental disorders;
    • dental screening.

Services used on the basis of the health plan are only considered prevention services if the fund member signs the arrangement agreeing with the points written within the lifestyle recommendation, if they accept the proposals and are ready to cooperate in their implementation, and if the personal health plan was prepared within two years before the service. 

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