Purchasing and renting of medical equipement


Eligible products:

The IZYS Self-help Fund accepts medical invoices from all medical aids in Hungary. There is no need for a service contract though in some cases submission of a medical proposal may be required. 

The following may be considered as medical aids. 

  • Orthopedic shoes 
  • Flatfoot treating insoles
  • Corsets and orthoses
  • Non-body-work personal movement aids 
  • Home aids for locomotor patients 
  • Therapeutic devices for musculoskeletal disorders 
  • Aids for integument diseases
  • Assistive products for parental home drug therapy 
  • Assistive products for metabolic diseases 
  • Aids for weakening hernias and abdominal muscles
  • Aids for breast diseases 
  • Aids and therapeutic devices for respiratory diseases 
  • Syringes, needles 
  • Aids for circulatory diseases 
  • Aids for gastrointestinal diseases, auxiliaries for artificial nutrition  
  • Aids for urogenital diseases 
  • Hearing aids (medical advice required)
  • Hearing aids and accessories (medical advice required) 
  • Dental aids 
  • Assistive products for dentures 
  • Orthodontic appliances 


Medical devices certified by an institution authorized to issue quality certificates for direct use by the public and bearing the CE mark, as identified in the Medical Devices Act, may be purchased. 

It is considered a medical device if the product, its packaging or the instructions for use and handling bear the code CE1011 or HEü01, then the product must have a medical device or a certificate of conformity issued by the Institute for Health Quality Development and Hospital Technology (EMKI, formerly ORKI). The CE marking on a product does not mean that it is a medical device. If you buy a product that only bears the CE mark without the EMKI code, the trader must indicate this on the invoice or the accompanying instructions must state that it is a “medical device”.


 The following products, if rated with the certification, are sure to be accounted for:  

  • acupuncture appliances,
  • massage machines,
  • cradle death prevention device – breathing monitor,
  • baby scale,
  • breast pumps,
  • blood pressure meter,
  • blood sugar meter,
  • body fat meter,
  • traditional and digital thermometers, 
  • home water purifier,
  • home air purifier,
  • evaporatror, humidifier, 
  • inhaler,
  • light therapy devices, Bemer device, Bioptron lamp, mountain crystal healing lamp, infrared lamp
  • TENS appliance, painkiller, antispasmodics
  • magnetic bracelet, headband, waistband, sheet, 
  • Kashmír Gold organic bedding 
  • Therapeutic mattress: Aime, Billerbeck, Cardo, Demko Feder, Kashmír Gold, Novetex, Perimed, Tempur World,
  • Therapeutic shoes: Berkemann, Chung Shi shoes, Derby, dr. Leo, DUX slippers, MBT, Salus, Scholl, Suppinalo child sandals
  • Scholl foot patches, pillows 
  • Tacco insoles,
  • Medinose anti-allergy devices.



Based on the presented invoice(s).


Who may acquire the service:

The member and their beneficiaries 


Documents required when requesting this service:

  • invoice(s)
  • medical recommendation (if necessary)


Waiting time:

There is no waiting time. 


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