We have fantastic news! From February 21st 2021, you can pay with your IZYS card in Rossmann stores. 

You can shop in all Rossmann stores in the country conveniently, without cash and without the need to request an invoice. 

There are many products within Rossmann’s product range that can be accounted for, but so far it was only possible to do so by submitting a cash payment invoice. From now on, as well as accepting the IZYS card, Rossmann will show you which products are eligible to purchase with said card. In Rossmann’s stores, if the price tags are marked with the letters EP next to the price, those products can also now be purchased from your IZYS account. 

Which products can you purchase in Rossmann? 

  1. infant and baby care products 
    • diapers
    • formula
    • pacifiers, nursing bottles
    • baby creams, shower gels, shampoos
    • baby wipes 
  2. gluten-free food products 
    • bread
    • flour
    • cereal
  3. other products
    • paramedics (vitamins)
    • bandages
    • tampons, pads
    • prophylactic 
    • intimate shower gel 
    • liquid soap 
    • denture glue 
    • Naturland creams 
    • suntan lotion 
    • Pannonhalmi herbal teas 

The full list of products can be downloaded by clicking on the Rossmann logo: 

And don’t forget, that you can pay with your IZYS card even without a pre-uploaded balance if you activate the NOW card function. The essence of the NOW card function is that at the time of purchase, you top up the balance necessary to pay for the products to the Fund card from your bank account. This way you don’t have to worry about your balance; there is no need to top up the balance in advance. More information on the Now card can be found here. 

At each checkout, indicate in advance that you intend to pay with an IZYS card.

Your information (name and address) will be documented upon your first purchase; it is no longer necessary for every purchase. 

If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to inquire from our customer service on the

+36 1 769 0061 phone number.