Service financing insurance

Insurance premiums for the financing of social security benefits can be settled through the IZYS Health and Self-Help fund without submitting a medical recommendation. IZYS accepts the invoice for the insurance policies financing the service if the insurer is registered and operating in Hungary and has a contract with the Fund.  



  • it is transferred directly to the insurer based on their contract with the Fund. 


Documents required for hand-in:

  • a copy of the insurance policy, or
  • accession declaration, declaration of transfer in favour of the community reserve and the information management notice


Documents required for disbursement: 

It is not necessary to submit an additional invoice, only the cover must be available on the fund member’s account before the transfer. 


Contracted insurers:

Currently, Alfa Vienna Insurance Biztosító Zrt.’s Children’s Package, Comfort Extra and Premium group health insurance policies can be accounted for, with the IZYS Health and Self-Help Fund being the contractor, but our members are free to join it.

You can see a more detailed description of the Alfa packages here. 


Waiting time:

There is no waiting time. The paid balance can be used immediately.