Egészségőr health screeing test packages

IZYS aims to promote the importance of regular health screenings. 

In our opinion, a consciously planned and developed lifestyle begins with being confident in our level of health. 

Numerous diseases, including tumors which currently lead the mortality statistics in Hungary, can be cured if they are detected at an early stage, before metastases form. 

The IZYS Healthcare Plus regular preventive examinations are designed primarily for asymptomatic individuals, with the goal of ruling out the possibility of latent illnesses. 

The screenings offered by IZYS are:

  • straightforward,
  • easy to execute,
  • quick and simple to acquire,
  • safe without side effects,
  • painless,
  • focused on prevention,
  • are able to detect diseases very early on,
  • personalised.


Health screening programs play an important role in true disease prevention 

Among the IZYS Egészségőr (health guard) screening tests, the tets screening for chronic, non-communicable diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases, strokes, or cancerous lesions, are what has become a priority in developed countries.  

A few statistics on the importance of early detection:

Illness Survival rate
early detection late detection
Cervical cancer 93% 15%
Breast cancer 93% 6%
Colon cancer 74% 6%
Skin cancer 97% 17%


Why is it useful to acquire the IZYS Egészségőr examinations?

  1. Effective  
  2. No queuing 
  3. High professional standards 
  4. Great attention and care of patients 
  5. Polite service
  6. More accurate diagnosis 
  7. Nice, comfortable environment 
  8. No gratitude money 


How do the IZYS Egészségőr screening tests work?

  • The amount paid for a regular screening can be used for a screening immediately, annually or every two years. 
  • The screenings are performed at the CMC Déli Klinika which is currently one of the newest and most modern clinics in Budapest. 

What examinations do the IZYS Egészségőr screening tests include? 

The content of the EgészségŐr: 

Internal medicine exmaination           Anthropometry examination                     Cervical ultrasound

12-lead ECG                                           Laboratory blood and urine test            

Balance sensing test                              Digital chest X-rays

Examination of locomotor organs       Respiratory function test

Blood glucose level measurement       Abdominal and pelvic ultrasound


Egészségőr+ package extra content: 

  • examination of metabolic diseases: study of insulin resistance and diabetes 
  • optionally, or as a result of medical recommendation, one of the following examinations: 
    • skin cancer screening – up to 30 moles,
    • thyroid ultrasound,
    • gynecological, 
    • ear-nose-throat,
    • dermatological, 
    • cardiological, 
    • gastroenterological, 
    • ultrasound, 
    • urological,
    • pulmonary medicinal,
    • rheumatological,
    • neurological,
    • orthopedic specialist examination

Our prices

Regularity of use  Egészségőr


   Egészségőr     Plus


Immediately 48,000 69,000
Annyually 3,998/month 5,800/month
Every two years 1,999/month 2,900/month


Take care of your health with IZYS Egészségőr and register for screening packages! 

How can you get started? 

If you are not yet a member, register using: 

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If you are already a member, you only have to fill out a service request form and send it even by e-mail: