Requesting a service


You can request a service by completing the service application form downloadable from the Fund’s website. You must indicate which service you would like to request on the form and also specify the beneficiary, if there is one. To claim the service, you must attach the statement or certificate indicated on the application form or, if settled on the basis of an invoice, the financially settled invoice (s). 

Invoices for medicines and medical aids must be submitted without a service request form.

Services provided on a monthly basis, such as GYES / GYED supplements, unemployment benefit supplements, etc. – in addition to the one-time submission of documents, it can be requested two years in advance, though if the right to the service ceases during this time, it must be reported to the Fund.

The fund, within 30 days of the request sumbmition, will deside on the financing of the service. (theoretical deadline)

In practice, if the certificates submitted duly substantiate the claim, the assessment and payment of the amount will take place within 2-3 working days of receipt by post.