The construction of the IZYS Fund

The IZYS Self-help Fund divides all payments into 3 bases:  

Hedge basis: Secures the basis for the services that can be requested by fund members. 

Liquidity basis: It is extremely important that the fund is always able to meet its obligations on time, especially to ensure trust between the Fund and our members. 

Operational basis: The proceeds can be used for the long-term operation of the Fund. 

The amount that goes into the liquidity and operational bases is shown by the costs charged by the Fund. In addition to the percentage keys, there is a one-time fee of HUF 4,000 for entry, crossing and exit. 

The Hedge basis is divided into two additional 

Individual account: Provides coverage for individual services. For services, the balance of the individual account is what can be requested when acquiring the services. This is the balance that is available to the member at all times.  

Solidarity account: Its purpose is to help fund members with at least one year of membership and who are in particular need in the event of a financial disaster within their families. 

This way 94.1% of the member’s payment can be used for individual services. The costs of the Fund have not chanaged since February 1, 2011!