Why is it beneficial and how can you become a member at the IZYS self-help fund ?

Why is it important to self-care?

It has become apparent to more and more individuals that a more vexing need for the spreading of self-care mindsets is needed, as such a large number of citizens have overburdened family budgets with heavy loans and, together with possible events that may occur (e.g. unemployment, childbirth, schooling need), have found it difficult or even impossible to fulfill their commitments.  

Such situations, if not completely preventable, can be prepared for with the aid of self-help fund savings. This way a personal “gold reserve” can be made available to our members, which they can use when they truly require it.

Why are the conditions the self-help fund offers favourable? 

The strong foundation and well-established background of the IZYS Group: 

Our primary goal as a collective is building our lives and savings on stable and secure foundations.  The core objective of the IZYS financial security is to provide personalised solutions for each of our members to ensure that you and all that you hold dear are safe and well cared for. This strong background of the IZYS Group guarantees top-tier safety and can certify that your fund savings are in the hands of highly skilled and well-prepared professionals.  

High interest payable on demand:

An amount deposited at the fund – regardless of how long it remains on the individual account – produces an interest free of tax. The fund, first and foremost, invests in securities issued by the Hungarian Government, therefore the available yeild is affected by the central bank base rate. The value of the payment of the aforementioned securities is guaranteed by the government. 

Tax credit:

The government – without an income cap – significantly supports the self-help idea, since a 20% personal income tax discount is made available for individuals, after their payments. This, in reality, means that the government, for the amount paid, pays a further 20%, increasing our members’ savings.


Our members can to acquire any specific information about their account balance, account history through our online platform free of charge. You are also able to inquire about your account balance through your phone, from our card center, by calling the following phone number: 06 1 238 0361. Our IZYS card, free of charge after the two-year card fee, provided for our members, also ensures a comfortable and easy shopping experience 

Entering the IZYS Self-help Fund 

Our entry form, completed in full, must be sent to the IZYS fund to the 1583 Budapest, Pf.: 49. address. 

The fund will then process the entry form with a short deadline and will send a membership certificate to their newly entered members. 

If you have any questions regarding the completion of any forms, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service, on the 1 769 00 61 phone number, who will help you with anything you may need.