Employement benefits – 2024

The December 2012 amendment to Act XCVI of 1993 significantly expanded the range of services that can be provided by self-help funds and has only expanded the scope of use since then. Accordingly, new elements were added to IZYS’ range of services, which became the market leader among self-help funds in 2015. We have introduced the provision of university / college tuition, dormitory fee, rent, payment of utility bills, loan repayment installment or placement in a nursing home. Those with a preschool or school-age child can account for all clothing costs in addition to the textbook and school supplies.

It can be used for medicine, medical aids, optics, dentists, sick pay supplements, vaccinations, baby and baby care products in the same way as traditional health funds.


At IZYS we sort our services into six different groups based on what may be useful for which different groups of people:

  • Child-birth frugality 
  • The future and education of our children 
  • Taking care of our elderly relatives 
  • Protection and safety of our homes 
  • Preservation of our health 
  • Income and subsistence protection 

How does this work in reality?

Acquiring the service is easy; the service request forms included in the forms contain what documents must be submitted. When someone enters the checkout, they don’t have to decide yet what services they will use. You are free to choose from the services later too. 

Due to unfortunate changes in tax legislation, it is not longer worthwhile for the employer to pay the employer’s memebership fee contribution, but instead it is more advantageous to provide benefits for targeted health fund and/or slef-help fund services, as their taxation remains extremely favourable.  

After the benefit for the targeted health fund service, the employer has to pay a tax of 33.04% and the following services are available to members:

  • Infant and toddler care products ​
  • Vaccines, bandages 
  • Medicine, medicinal preparation
  • Medical aid – optics, dentist
  • Sick pay supplement
  • Special costs for the visually impaired
  • Devices to make life easier for people with reduced mobility
  • Private health care expenditure
  • Private hospital expenses
  • Service financing insurance
  • Gluten free foods
  • Therapeutic treatments (therapeutic massage, physiotherapy etc.)

A célzott egészségpénztári szolgáltatásokkal kapcsolatban itt talál bővebb információt.

Benefits for targeted self-help fund services are tax-free and non-contributory on the company’s side and health fund have a more favorable tax on the employee. This includes services such as:

  • Home loan repayment
  • Childbirth service: Up to two million forints are available with a birth certificate of the new born.
  • Childcare service: CSED / GYED / GYES supplement for declining income.
  • Adoption: In case of adoption of a child, up to two million forints are available.
  • Income Supplement for Large Families: GYET supplement for those raising 3 or more children.
  • Expenses for kindergarten or school children: We pay the invoices proving the purchase of a textbook, school supplies or clothes.
  • University / College: Fees, tuition, dormitory or rental fees may apply.
  • Placement in a nursing home or care center
  • Supplementing job search assistance
  • Income replacement for people with disabilities
  • Utility charges (water, gas, sewer, electricity) for consumers requiring protection

It is a special luxury that you do not have to wait 180 days for the targeted self-help service. The targeted amount can be spent immediately.

A célzott önsegélyező pénztári szolgáltatásokkal kapcsolatban itt talál bővebb információt.

The IZYS Health and Self-Help Fund is the family’s fund, because all of the services, except those related to the maintenance of the apartment, can also be used by a close relative.

Let’s look at a practical example. If there is a male worker whose wife is on GYED, she can receive a maximum income supplement from her fund account each month equal to the difference between her previous income and GYED because she has a reduced income in her family. That is, the employment benefit amount received from the employer, she will receive by transfer to his bank account from the Funds’s account. Since there is an income supplement, you do not have to present invoices.

Here is another example relating to a family member. If a grandchild is born to one of the employees or their daughter is pregnant, then, as part of a maternity service, you can withdraw a maximum of two million forints from your balance or from a benefit given to a targeted self-help fund service received from your employer. All that is needed is a birth certificate and a filled out child-birth service form. Just think of how good it feels to be able to support your child in the most beautiful moments with some amount from which they can simply buy a stroller, diaper, stem cell remover, or anything else without asking and sending bills. 

It is important to note that if zje fund member makes a payment from their taxable income, 20 percent of the amount paid will be credited in the form of a tax refund in the form of a tax credit. That is, a significantly larger amount will be spent. In light of today’s bank interest rates, the plus twenty percent is like receiving 20-30 years of interest in one lump sum.

For those who are thinking in long term may be interested that after the amount committed for two years, they can benefit from an additional 10% tax credit in the year of the bond, so the capital increase is exponential, because in addition to the tax credit you canalos gain market return from governemnt securities. 

Furthur information of the Fund’s services can be found here: 

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