Convenience features

IZYS card 

The IZYS fund was one of the first self-help funds to create a card for their members which creates more opportunities and makes it easier to use the money on each individual account. By using the card you do not have to balance the amount spent with cash, but the purchase is made by simply pulling the card off at a bank terminal. In addition to being able to shop without cash, you do not have to worry about mailing your invoice meaning you are able to rid yourself of the further tracing that comes with traditional cash purchases.

Country-wide card acceptance network 

As a result of constant upgrades, we have wired a country-wide card acceptance network; though the new innovations do not end here, we are constantly adding new acceptance locations to our list to ensure a comfortable and easy shopping experience for our members. If even a single one of our members suggests a new service provider they would like for us to sign with, we immediately get into contact with them and conclude a card acceptance agreement. You only have to ask!

Online platform 

In an accelerating world, online platforms where members can gain information through their devices is essential. A popular convenient solution for many is the online checkout. Like an internet bank, the interface is accessible by entering a username and password. Here you have the opportunity to query your current balance and account history online 24 hours a day. 
Our online platform offers more than the usual interfaces:  

  • the data of the member can be modified or new beneficiaries can be designated, without sending them by post, by simply clicking on the data modification menu; 
  • you can handle your card matters, such as declining, blocking a card, new card ordering;
  • you can make a two-year deposit for an additional 10% tax credit;
  • you can export your account history into excel format.  

Balance inquiry by phone 

At the card center, the card balance can be quired at +36 1 238 0361 every business day between 8:00 and 20:00. 

Online entry form 

New entrants at IZYS can easily log in online without completing a paper entry form. They will receive a copy of the entry letter via e-mail, which they will only have to send by post after printing and signing.

Online card payments 

Members at IZYS do not have to be burdened with sending bank transfers. They can simply make individual or corporate payments using Mastercard, Visa, Visa electron and Maestro cards. Even the transaction fee can be avoided by using the card.  

Shopping with discounts 

IZYS tries to cooperate and form connections with as many different service providers as possible so that our members can enjoy many discounts and multiple different places with a wide range of services and products (e.g. optics, furniture, restaurants). More than 1,200 different service providers offer discounts to our members which can be seen in further detail under the card partners menu.