General description, savings targets

On March 25, 2005, the first independent, Hungarian-founded and Hungarian-owned Self-help fund launched with a goal to take up competition with the best of the best under any circumstances. 

What is a self-help fund? 

A self-help fund account mostly resembles a bank account. There are two main differences. 

One is that the government strongly supports this form of saving, therefore:  

  • it is interest-free 
  • it is transaction fee-free (we do not transfer the burden to our customers)
  • 20 percent of the amount paid can be reclaimed from the tax, ie the amount that can be spent will be higher
  • in the case of a two-year time deposit, which we reveal to you in Government Securities, the government will credit an additional 10 percent deposit to your fund account.


In return, the government requests that the money on each fund account be used only for such services that serve social and family security purposes. 


If any of the following relates to you then it would be very beneficial for you to create a Fund account: 

  • pre-natal savings (preparing for the costs of starting a family, supplementing the declining income after childbirth)
  • baby care (infant and baby care products, formulas)
  • buy clothes, textbooks, school supplies for a preschool or school-age child
  • unexpected or planned health expenses (illness, funeral, bed mattress, glasses, MBT shoes, braces)
  • regular purchase of health products (medicines, contact lenses, test strip for blood glucose meter)
  • general income protection to maintain the family’s financial balance (unemployment, sick pay, invalidity)
  • high yield savings
  • supplementation of pension savings
  • special goals (blind, disabled)

Don’t hesitate, spend your tax on you and your family!