Placement in nursing homes or facilities for senior citizens


Maximum acquirable amount:

Up to the minimum pension, HUF 28,500 per month


Who may acquire thsi service:

The fund member and their beneficiaries – it can also be used by the spouse, siblings or children or grandchildren of the person receiving care


Documents required when requesting the service:

  • Service entry form – placement in nursing homes or facilities for senior citizens,
  • a copy of the care contract or agreement containing the name of the care takers and the amount of the reimbursement fee. 


Documents required for disbursement:

  • an original invoice issued with the name and address of the fund member or their beneficiary with the date of issue whihc may not be older than 120 days time from arrival of the receipt by the Fund and on which the name of the ward has been indicated by the issuer of the invoice. 

The invoice issuer does not have to be a contracted service provider; an invoice received from any institution, in the name and address of the member, can be settled.


Waiting time:

The individual or employer membership fee credited to the individual account must bear interest for 180 days before this service can be paid for.

The subsidy received from the employer, for the targeted service, as well as tax credit and return after payments, can be allocated immediately after payments.