Collegiate, university services


What university and college costs can be funded? :

Two conditions must be met. One is that higher education institutions must be a university or college registered in Hungary. The second is that the age of the student should exceed the age of 25.

The higher education course can take the form of full-time, evening, correspondance or distance learning. 


Eligible products/services:

  • tuition fee
  • reimbursement fee 
  • dorms
  • lodgings 


Maximum amount:

HUF 266,800 per student in 2024


Who may acquire the service:

Can be used by the student, the student’s parents, grandparents, siblings, spouse 

Documents required when requesting the service:

  • Service request form – university/college,
  • Proof of student status, which must be submitted semi-anually, at the time of the first application each semester. 


Documents to be submitted for payment:

  • an original invoice issued and executed in the name of a fund member or their beneficiary or student with the date of issue which may not be older than 120 days at the time of receipt of the application by the Fund.  The name of the student must be indicated on the invoice by the issuer of the invoice. 

The invoice issuer does not have to be a contracted service provider with IZYS; invoices received at any college, university, tution fee, reimbursement fee, dormitory fee or sublease in the name and address of the member or their beneficiary may be billed. 

Waiting time:

The individual or employer membership fee credited to the individual account must bear interest for 180 days before this service can be paid for.

The subsidy received from the employer, for the targeted service, as well as tax credit and return after payments, can be allocated immediately after payments.