Assistance in case of fire and elemental damage

Fire and elemental damage to our property can be a big problem, even if we have insured our property. In the event of such circumstances, the Fund will endeavor to mitigate the damages.

The “Őrangyal” (guardian angel) is a community service, an insurance fund service that allows larger payments regardless of the balance on the account if such life situations arise. These services are provided by the Fund in accordance with Act XCVI of 1993 on Voulantary Mutual Insurance Funds provided by law as a community service. the IZYS Health and Self-help Fund – and thus the service provided within the framework of the Őrangyal- are not covered by Act LXXXVIII of 2014 on Insurance Activities subjected by law. 


Based on the damage value, up to a maximum of HUF 250,000 / damage event.

Waiting time:

After joining the Fund, 1 month form the payment of the first HUF 10,000 membership fee or support. 

For members who joined the fund before 01/11/2018 there is no waiting period put in place. 

Available for use:

All membership fee-paying Fund members are entitled to the service, even those who have not registered for other Őrangyal services and do not pay their fees. 

For any property damage that occurs in the fund member’s residential property and is caused by

  • fire, 
  • explosion,
  • storm,
  • other natural (elemental) damages, 
  • nuclear energy,
  • subsidence and earthquake.

Documents to be submitted when requesting the service:

  • Community service request form – fire and element damage 
  • A copy of the certification expert report within 30 days of the occurrence of the event
  • Invoices certifying the result of a damage expert survey or the cost of restoration with the date of issue which may not be older than 30 days at the time of their receipt by the fund. If the fund member can prove the destroyed value with an invoice or (purchase) contract, it is not necessary to carry out the damage expert survey, unless the Board of Directors decides otherwise. 

Service request deadline:

30 days after the occurrence of the fire or elemental damages.