How much do university years cost?

Nowadays most high school students want to continue their education further and attend colleges, universities, but parents are certainly not prepared for the financial burdens involved. Therefore, they are often forced to make a fast decision which they almost always end up regretting. Don’t follow this irresponsible example, lay the foundation for your family’s future right now! 

Of course, if our child is graduating the whole family celebrates and everyone is optimistic about the future, it is normal. Though the reality is that most parents can’t even afford to fund reimbursable training out of their own pockets, so if they manage to pinch a pre-targeted public place for their child, most unfortunately already think that all financial problems are gone. However, the facts say otherwise! 

think about this for a minute. Higher education comes with a lot of other study costs, even for public courses, including the purchase of notes or of a literary text needed for a class. Let’s not forget about the costs of travel either. Be it public transport or our own vehicle, some may be on the move all day, back and forth between home and school, especially if the institution they are taking courses at is in another city. In the latter case, accommodations such as dorms or a rental should be provided which brings on more expenses. Nothing is for free. 

There is also the basic consumption of food and drinks and it would be hard to deny the amount of money people spend on tobacco products as well. Since keeping in touch with the outside world is also part of everyday life, we also have to reckon with the cost of a mobile phone and the internet. 

If we add the costs of clothing, entertainment, cultural expenses to all of the above, after a short calculation we have to realize that we have a minimum expenditure of more than 50 thousand forints per month, even in the most optimistic cases. 

With the help of the IZYS Self-help Fund, you no longer have to make hasty decisions that will later plunge your family into impossible financial situations. Distrust and insecurity is very understandable because it is a challenge to decide what you spend your hard-earned money on. So let us help you along the process. 

How does self-help work?

One who is foresight does not trust themselves to circumstances but takes control of their own destiny. From a financial point of view, this is a self-help program that allows you to accumulate your own money in smaller or larger steps  for a specific purpose so that you can use it immediately when you need it. 

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Let us help you!

Distrust and insecurity are understandable when one wants to make the best use of the money earned through work. IZYS aims to get as many tax-free savings and a 20% tax credit return as possible for as many people as possible, so we’re happy to help answer any of your questions.

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