New Őrangyal services

The circle of services the Őrangyal community service offers has widened with three new fantastic services. To find more detailed information click on the name of the services following. 

  • daily hospital reinbursement : If the fund member receives hospital treatment for more than 1 day, the fund will pay HUF 2,500 for the working days spent in the hospital, regardless of whether the patient has been diagnosed with an illness or if they suffered an accident.  
  • medicinal subsidy: In the case of a new illness diagnosis through a screening test supplied by the Fund, the Fund will cover up to HUF 150,000 of medicinal drug expenses within the next two years. You can view our high-quality and very low-cost screening test packages here.  
  • pregnancy ultrasound: The Fund presents 3D/4D ultrasound opportunities for those pregnant members who already have a baby within their stomach and those whose balance upload in the őpast 12 motnhs reached or exceeded five hundred thousand forints. 

Our members who joined the Őrangyal program before 06.05.2021 can use the above services without waiting time.  

In exchange for the 3 services listed above, unfortunately we had to sacrifice a service. Therefore, the 0-24 medical call center service is no longer available within the Őrangyal services. 

The service fee for our regular membership fee-paying members is still only HUF 395 per month! 

Az Őrangyal szolgáltatások teljes listáját itt éri el.



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